Free Standing Boat Lifts



Hydraulic Cantilever Boat Lift

The hydraulic system will quickly and quietly lift your boat from the water with the push of a button on a remote control. The hydraulic pump and battery unit are contained in a dock box.




Why our Hydraulic Cantilever Boat Lift?

The best warranty! 10 year limited warranty

Patented Retract Lift System! Cylinders close as the lift elevates – protecting cylinders from scale build up and Zebra Mussel problems, the #1 cause for premature cylinder failure.

Less strain on motor and greater battery life! Larger cylinders than competitors allows for 32% reduction in working pressure. Less wear on gears, motor, hoses, fittings and cylinder seals.

Drive on through! With a V center, you can actually drive you boat right through the lift.

Available in 4,400lb – 24,000lb capacity


Manual / Electric Vertical Boat Lift

With 6' of vertical lift, this works well in areas of large water fluctuation or high waves. Also features full-length carpeted bunks and available in manual or electric operation.
Manual 2,000 – 6,000 lb capacity.
Electric 2,000 – 6,000 lb capacity.

Hydraulic Vertical Boat Lift

Launch your boat in less than a minute with this vertical hydraulic lift. Battery can be charged via solar panel or battery tender for flexibility. Features maintenance-free PVC bunks.Available in 4,000lb – 15,000lb capacity