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Do you ship your lifts?

Yes, we ship our lifts across North America and beyond.  We are happy to work with you to ensure a perfect fit into your dock structure.  Lifts are built in our shop and shipped out as an easily assembled package.

What is the minimum water depth required for an Undermount Lift?

The rule of thumb is 8" plus the draft of your boat. 

What is the minimum water depth required for the Platform Lift?

As a general rule, we require 17" + the draft of your boat for our Platform Lifts.  Depending on your situation you may be able to get away with less depth.  We will determine this at a site visit.

Your lifts look so clean and clutter free, where is the motor located?

The boxes that house the motors themselves are powder coated alumninum and look nice on their own but we understand that preserving dock space and aesthetics are very important!  We have a great deal of flexiblity in the location of the hydraulic box.  The box can be located in a mechanical room, on a shelf, in a closet, in the past we have built bench's to fit over top to disguise them while giving them a function and we have even hidden them in the rafters, we are always up for suggestions! 

My dock / boathouse is on cribs, can the Undermount and Platform lifts be installed?

Yes, they can be installed on cribs, however there are a few determining factors to ensure it is a good fit such as crib placement and the condition of cribs.  A site visit is required to assess your situation.


What happens if you are in an area prone to flooding?

While the hydraulic lift tubes are installed above the water, they can be flooded out without issue.  The only portion of the lift that shouldn't get wet is the motor and batteries.  All of our systems are designed with quick disconnects to easily and quickly remove the motor and batteries in the case of rising waters.  If you get flooding regularly, we can install the hydraulic box above the dock on a bench, shelf, or in the rafters so you don't have to worry!

What Kind of Hydraulic Fluid is used, and how often should I change it?

All of our Hydraulic lifts use environmentally friendly Hydraulic fluid.  Rarely will you experience a leak, but in the event that a leak does occur, the fluid is biodegradable and EPA approved.  It is recommended to replace the hydraulic fluid every 10 years.

If necessary, can the hydraulic cylinder be replaced?

One of the great things about our Undermount and Platform lifts is that all of the components of the lifts are above water.  In the unlikely event of having an issue with the cylinder, we can access the lift tubes while your boat is on the lift, year round, so there isn't an issue with servicing the lift.  The hydraulic cylinders themselves have a 6 year warranty.